Thursday, December 15, 2011

Visit with Panther Bior 2

Today I got to southern Sudan after a day of flying.  I took a rental car to Panther's home village. No I did not drive.  He was happy to see me.  We had lunch because I hadn't had anything substantial from the time I took the flight, so I was starving. We had some brown soup, some sausage type stuff, some greens and some other food.  It was all really flavorful except for the brown soup.  My favorite was the sausage type thing.  After we ate lunch and I met his family, we went to the school that he was building.  It was getting along pretty well.  When we looked at the school, I saw other children watching, they seemed very excited.  It was cool that the kids were so excited about the school.  After we watched the workers start filling in a little walk way, I changed into my swimming suit and we took a swim in the Nile.  For some reason it was really chilly although I thought it would be warm because of the temperature there.  After we took a swim in the Nile we went to where some people were playing native music and listened and watched them dance for a little while.  Once I got tired of listening to the music and seeing the dancing, we went to Panther's hut and made a little toy out of clay that looked like a buffalo with a hump on his back.  After we made the toy it was night so we all went to bed.  I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag that I had brought with me.  In the morning I had to leave because I had to get back home for school because it was only a 4 day weekend.  Panther told me to bring his clay buffalo with a hump on it with me as a souvenir and so I would remember him.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

visit with Panther Bior

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I have decided to go visit Pamther Bior.  His home village is Mareng this is a map of his village.