Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day One With Athok Alauk

Athok Alauk
Sudanese Tomato Salad (Salata Tomatim Bel Daqua). Photo by morgainegeiserToday I arrived at the JUB airport I took a cab to Langber Bor where Athok Alauk lives.  The streets where very dusty and there were lots of stalls on the side, so we stopped at one of them and got something to eat.    We drove for a few more hours and then got to the village that she lives in.  When I got to the village I could see lots of people in the center of the village, they were all dancing and singing.  I was surprised and realized it was a small greeting ceremony.  After the small ceremony I met Athok.  She is thirty five, married and has five children.  Once we met she showed me her small store.  It was nice and it looked like there were a lot more items in it than some of the pictures she sent me of it.  It was later in the afternoon so we decided to start making tomato salad or salata tomatim bel daqua for dinner.  First we got out the 5 tomatoes and diced and seeded them.  Then we diced 4 green onions.  After dicing the onions we took the seeds out of a green chili pepper.  We used 1/4 cup of italion parsley and diced it.  We also used 1/3 cup oil, 1/4 cup smooth peanut butter, 2 juiced limes and 1/2 teaspoon salt.  We then combined tomatoes, green onions, chili pepper and parsley in large bowl.  We whisked oil and peanut butter together until smooth.  Then we stirred in lime juice and seasoned with salt.  We then used a wooden spoon, and gently stirred dressing into the tomato mixture until it was lightly coated.  After we had finished we shared the meal.  It was good and the combination of lime and peanut butter was a unusual, yet  flavorful taste.  After we ate I got out my sleeping bag that I had brought with me and put it on the little cot that she had for me.  It took a while for me to go to bed becauseI usually see Santa Barbara.  It was amazing!

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