Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day Three With Athok Alauk

On day three I woke up and had a regular Sudanese breakfast of bread and goat milk.  After eating I went to the store that Athok owned and met her there.  We had decided that I would work there with her for part of the day.  People started to come in earlier than I expected.  There were lots of people that came in. The big difference that I could see from the little store to an American one is that all the people that came into it were happy.  It was nice to see that everyone was so happy,  even though they were in a harder situation than in America.  During the second half of the day, I played soccer with Athok and her kids.  Later I also had fun learning how to bake one type of traditional bread they eat.  It was made of ran just water, salt and grain and was really hard.  After we played soccer for a while I got out my camera and showed them different things on it.  I also got out my iPod and showed them the games and videos on it and they were amazed by what it could do.  The kids watched the videos for thirty minutes until the battery died.  Then Athok took me to a small restaurant that made food for us, the food was tangy and usually had peanuts mixed in it somewhere.  I got one dish that had chicken and beef in it.  It had a sweet aroma that smelled like pineapple.  After dinner Athok took me back to her house and I said my goodbyes.  I would be leaving the next morning really early so I wouldn't be able to say goodbye then.  I had such a wonderful time and I a had a great time fixing bikes and helping with the store.

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