Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Emmanuels Visit-day 1-2

The first night Emmanuel arrived he was really tired when he got off the plane, so we quickly got his stuff and drove to our house.  When we got home we ate pot roast that my mom had made.  It was really good.  The moment we opened the lid we could hear all the juices bubbling.  After we ate the delicious pot roast we went to bed.  I let Emmanuel sleep in my bed and I slept on the couch. The next day we went to the bike store and bought him a mountain bike that was able to go on dirt. Then I showed him Elings Park.  He really liked it.  When he got to the top of the first hill he was really happy, he had made it almost the whole way up.  Right then I realized that the journey is more important than the prize.  That night we ate the rest of the pot roast and went to bed happy and full.


John SB said...

Sharing your bed-nice . . . bubbly pot roast-good description . . . new bike-great idea . . . journey more important than the prize-I really like that . . . garlic bread, Rim Trail, Home Alone . . . meeting your Uncle . . . a tiring and great day . . . rain didn't get in the way of Minecraft and spicy, Mesa Pizza . . . Finishing it off with Zodos, an Elings encore, and Super Cucas! Nicely done, Lucas, I bet Emmanuel really enjoyed his time with you. Thank you for making it so real and personal.

jared said...

absolutely amazing. I'm very impressed.

aeddon said...

great blog its very good i have to say i can almost taste the pot roast.