Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day Two With Athok Alauk

Today when I woke up I got out my alien bike tool that I had brought and made a sign saying that I would fix bikes for free.  I got out all of my other bike parts and got ready.  I asked Athok if she wanted to help fix bikes with me and she said yes.  The first person that came was a little 5 or so year old boy.  He had a small bike that had no gears.  He seemed nervous and a one of his friends had stayed back and watched  He handed the bike to me and I asked what was wrong with it.  He said that it was hard to pedal and I knew that he probably had a stiff link.  I got out the tool and started fixing it.  After I had fixed it I lubed the chain then cleaned of some of the grime on the chain rings.  After I gave the bike back the the kid I let him test it out.  I could tell that the problem was solved when he came up to me with a big smile.  I felt really happy and decided to fix bikes the whole day.  Before he left I gave him a tiny thing of tri-flow and taught him how to put it on.  After the boy left,   lots more people started coming and I kept on fixing bikes with Athok.  We kept on fixing bikes until the day was over.  That day was really meaningful to me.

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AlexL said...

I like how you include the bikes. Very creative. Good picture as well.