Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How dog got his tail.
One day dog was eating an apple.  He was thinking about the golden apple that was in king Raccoons palace.  He wanted to eat it but it was forbidden to everyone. when he saw the king leaving.  Dog asked king raccoon why he was going.  Raccoon told him that he was leaving to a feast that he had been invited to at the village where Tiger ruled.  Dog had an idea.  He wanted to steal the apple while dog was gone.  But then he thought twice, maybe someone would catch dog.  Dog thought it was worth the risk so he planed to sneak into the castle and steal the apple at night.  The night came and dog when to the palace.  He entered through the window.  And snuck to the room that had the apple in.  When he lifted the case an alarm went off so he ran.  Once he got to the courtyard he eat the apple.  It was great.  Out of no where snake came and bit his but.  Dog was punished by his robbery by Raccoon.  Snake was ordered to hold on to dog forever.  That is why dogs have a tail and to this day dogs try to bite it.

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