Tuesday, January 24, 2012

visit with Maruge 6 and 7

Today is my last full day so we wanted to do something special.  In school we played games and flew kites.  There were only 5 kites so we all had to share.  After break we all sat down and a few of the kids gave me some presents.  After school ended we had to go back to Maruge's house.  I had to start packing and getting ready to leave because my plane flight was the next day.  My last day arrived an me and Maruge said our goodbyes.  We talked about how much of a good time he had with me and how much of a good time I had had with him.  He gave me a small fare for the bus and I left.  He waved to me as I left in the buss.  During the bus ride, I decided that when I got back home that I would send some ingredient for chocolate chip cookies to Maruge.

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