Monday, January 23, 2012

visit with Maruge day 4 and 5

Today we went back to school because it was a Monday.  We learned more addition and started with the concept of subtracting.  There was one boy named Abasi that couldn't get the concept of subtracting.  He kept telling me that he didn't want to have less numbers.  I thought that was funny and I told him that it's ok if he has less numbers.  When school got out some of the kids wanted us to play hide and seek with them.  We said yes and followed them.  We all went to a plain with lots of skinny trees that felt like smooth wood and smelled like mint.  The kids said they were really fun to climb on so we did that for a while.  The next day we ran to school.  We did some more subtraction and writing.  After school Maruge decided he wanted to go to the city to get something but he said he couldn't tell me what it was.  Once we got to the city we went to a small shop.  Maruge bought a small pin that said education counts on it in big red, green and black writing, which are the colors of the Kenyan flag.  He gave it to me as a present and told me that what it said was very important.  When we got back to Maruge's house we went to sleep.  The next day we woke up early and walked to the small lake.  When we got to the lake we bathed and washed our selves with some soap he had.  The soap was not very strong so I had to scrub really hard.  Once we washed ourselves we dried ourselves off with a towel that was really small.  We walked back to Maruge's house and put on some clean clothes.  We then rushed off to school to learn knew things.

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