Monday, January 23, 2012

Visit with Margue 2

Today I woke up with Maruge washing his face with water.  I then washed my face with water because it had gotten dirty from all the dust.  After we had washed our faces and had some goat milk and veggies for breakfast we walked to school.  His school was 3 miles away so it took a while to walk there.  There were some kids waiting for me and him at school.  They were really happy to see me and Maruge.  Once we started class I stood by and helped teach.  It was really cool to be able to teach other people and gave me self fulfillment.  After I helped teach how to spell some 4 and 3 letter words we all went to break.  There was some juice to drink.  Me and Maruge gave ours to other people because there wasn't enough to go around.  After everyone had juice we went back inside to learn how to add.  It was fun to teach the kids because this was an entirely new concept to them.  After school ended we went back to maruges house.  There was a package waiting there.  It was for me.  My mom had sent some ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.  I thought that was really nice if her.  Me and Maruge decided to try to make cookies when I was there.

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