Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visit with Margue 1

Today I got to Maruges village. He was still in school so I decided to surprise him with some cookies that i had brought.  Once he got out of school he came home and we had goats milk and cookies.  He said it was a strange taste and said maisha ni tamu  I asked him what that meant and he said it meant life is sweet.  I really beleve that because it is true.  Once we finished eating the cookies he asked what they were made of and how they were cooked.  I told maruge that the main ingredients were chocolate chips, flour, butter, eggs, and brown sugar.  I also told him that they were baked.  He had no idea what most  of the ingredients were.  I told him flower was ground wheat and chocolate was something that they make out of different parts of the cocoa tree.  After I told him how to make chocolate chip cookies he showed me around his home.  He had a little garden that had some squash like vegetable growing.  He also had a goat.  He told me that was where he got the milk.  Once he showed me where he lived, Maruge taught me how to milk a goat.  It was funny to learn how to milk a goat because I never thought I would do that.  The goats utters were suprisingly warm.  He told me that he did this every day.  Milking the goat was surprisingly tiring so I went to bed after.  Margue let me sleep on a little bed that he had.

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